HR Operations


Seamless HR Operations At Your Service

Our HR operations solutions give you best‐in‐class
service, peace of mind, and freedom.

Our Solution

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to handle all of your HR operations needs.

For companies from 5 – 5,000 employees, we can take on a portion or the entirety of HR, resulting in happier business leaders, employees, and contractors.

Access to Better, Comprehensive Benefits

We provide access to Fortune 500‐level benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and 401(K). By pooling all our client companies together, Curucaye and its partners have greater buying power when it comes to negotiating rates with benefits providers.

Employment Administration and Payroll

We will process your payroll and handle tasks such as W‐2s and W‐4s, employment verification, payroll management reports, plus garnishment and deduction administration.

COBRA & HIPAA Management

We’ll take care of the management and administration tasks, including COBRA administration and HIPAA management.

Workers' Compensation

We will provide workers' compensation coverage. We provide claim resolution specialists that will guide you through the processes surrounding work‐related injuries, including monitoring claims and assisting injured workers on their return.

  • Affordable workers’ compensation coverage
  • Safety programs
  • Claim management
  • Return‐to‐work programs

Full Spectrum 1099 Management

We provide full 1099 and contractor support, including on-boarding, payments, and annual statements. All payments are processed electronically even if your contractor requires a paper check.

Additionally we institute multiple levels of payment approval as your needs dictate and simplify the end‐of‐year 1099 IRS and state processes.

Recruitment and Outplacement Support

We provide recruitment services that help you make your hiring practices more proficient and cost‐effective.

  • Recruiting program review and recommendations
  • Job description review and development
  • Interview training
  • Applicant tracking system

Performance Management Support

We help you to create an employee handbook, job descriptions, recognition programs, as well as employee training and performance management. We assist you in implementing a performance appraisal system to help determine promotions, bonuses, and salary reviews.

  • Customized performance standards and appraisal process
  • Individual and team goal development
  • Coaching for supervisors
  • Specialist to identify and address performance improvement opportunities

Learning and Development

We provide access to a variety of training resources that can help to maximize employee performance.

  • 5,000+ self‐paced courses in business, technology, compliance, and more
  • 30,000+ online books
  • Instructor‐led virtual training
  • Professional education units (CPE and PDU) for select courses

EEOC & PEO Services

Whether you need help with feuding employees or an EEOC claim investigation, PEOs employ knowledgeable professionals who can provide guidance on sensitive employee-related issues.

  • Employee relations support
  • EEOC investigation, reporting, and mediation
  • Employee training and development
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employer liability management
  • Reduced compliance concerns
  • Workers' compensation
  • 1099 management
  • Section 125/105 (h) plans
  • Loss prevention services
  • Health benefit cost analysis

Peace of Mind

HR is often the source of many legal and compliance challenges that can create risk for any business. If not handled properly these risks can become costly, manifesting themselves in lawsuits, fines, and penalties.

Curucaye Workforce Excellence can bring you peace of mind by helping you mitigate common HR challenges.

Seamless Operations

The changes to state and federal law that impact HR can be overwhelming. This is particularly true if you operate in multiple states. We constantly monitor these changes for impacts to your business, implement changes for your benefit, and advise you on actions you need to make to comply. We will help you limit employer‐related liability and compliance.

  • Unemployment claim administration
  • Employment verifications
  • Government reporting and agency interface
  • EEOC services
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Ban the box guidance
  • Drug‐free workplace policies
  • Exposure consulting and mitigation steps

Allow us to provide help as your HR partner.