Our Vision

We aim to make running a business easier than it has ever been by lightening the operational load of the business owner.

  • We offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet any operational need
  • We enable business owners to work on their business not in it
  • We give business owners relief & expertise they need in order to be successful

“You need a service provider who has the right mindset, sees themselves as a partner to your business, and is invested in your success. This is the Curucaye point of view, and how we intend to accommodate our current and future partners. The need for a business like Curucaye stemmed from my experience running numerous businesses always burdened by operational concerns. Having spent too much time addressing those concerns as the business owner, I believed there had to be a better way.”

- David, President – Curucaye

The Why

We make an effort to volunteer our spare time to give back to our communities and impact the lives of others by means of various humanitarian efforts. We wanted to do more to provide support for like-minded individuals who share our passion for helping others. We decided a great way of doing this would be by providing employees with flexible work options, as well as by providing business owners with effective yet affordable solutions.